Newsela gives educators an insight into their students’ strengths and weakness. By registering, you and your students can take advantage of all our features including:

  • taking quizzes and immediately seeing quiz answers
  • annotating and highlighting articles
  • allowing students to read articles at a just-right reading level and help gauge their reading progress
  • The Newsela app extends your Newsela browser experience on to any iOS device. News articles are synced daily via WIFI or cellular network. You can view articles and take assessments offline.
Getting Started
  • Download the Newsela app from iTunes Store
  • Register using your New Trier Google account
  • Select school – choose New Trier Township
  • Teachers  can create classes and add students
  • Teachers can assign articles and monitor student progress
Teaching with Newsela
  • Quick Start Guide for Teachers
  • Sample Lessons
  • Teachers can assign articles to students in their classes and monitor their progress. 
  • Students discover reading level for any article by scrolling up or down with two fingers
  • Professional Learning and Development for Teachers
  • Curate content

Flipboard is your personal magazine, at your desk, in your back pocket or on your wrist. Filled with stories, photos and videos on any interest, it’s a single place to keep up with your world. And now, if you want just a few highlights, the top ten stories can be sent right to your Apple Watch. Scan a summary, save it to a Flipboard magazine or share it with a friend. Collecting and sharing stories you care about has never been easier.

Getting Started
  • Getting Started with Flipboard:
    • Login to Flipboard
    • Search for articles and tap the “+” button to add to your magazine
    • Look at Cover Stories on iPad to see highlights of everything you’re following
Teaching with Flipboard
Ways to Use Flipboard as an Educator

  • Find and curate content
  • Build and share flipboard magazine
  • Students can follow topics