Planning a Project?

The Instructional Tech team has developed the following guide to help aid the brainstorming, design and realization of a lesson with the potential of technology integration. Whether you have a learning goal, an idea for a lesson, or an already established lesson you would like to continue or re-imagine, it is our hope that the use of this guide will set clear expectations, ensure available resources and increase the likelihood of success.


asset-3Information Gathering Meeting

Schedule a meeting with your dedicated ITS to plan or review the details of your lesson. Click here to prepare for the meeting.


asset-7Research and Recommendation

Based on an established rubric, the ITS team will evaluate the technologies discussed in the Information Gathering Meeting and present a recommendation to the teacher.


asset-8Coordination and Implementation

The ITS will assist in the coordination of any resources required for the implementation of the lesson.



Once the lesson is completed, the ITS will follow up with the teacher to lead a discussion to determine if the technology was conducive to the learning outcomes, along with gathering student exemplars.


To get started, you can copy the guide to Google Drive or download the Word doc.