Flipboard is your personal magazine, at your desk, in your back pocket or on your wrist. Filled with stories, photos and videos on any interest, it’s a single place to keep up with your world. And now, if you want just a few highlights, the top ten stories can be sent right to your Apple Watch. Scan a summary, save it to a Flipboard magazine or share it with a friend. Collecting and sharing stories you care about has never been easier.

Getting Started
  • Getting Started with Flipboard:
    • Login to Flipboard
    • Search for articles and tap the “+” button to add to your magazine
    • Look at Cover Stories on iPad to see highlights of everything you’re following
Teaching with Flipboard
Ways to Use Flipboard as an Educator

  • Find and curate content
  • Build and share flipboard magazine
  • Students can follow topics

Teachers, grading assignments just got more magical. Put away the stacks of paper and manila folders. Canvas SpeedGrader™ lets you grab your iPad and flip through assignments with ease, whether you’re at home on the couch or at the mechanic getting your oil changed.

SpeedGrader allows you to:

  • See assignment submissions just like web Canvas
  • View photo and video submissions
  • Listen to audio submissions
  • Create video, audio, and text comments to students
  • Grade using different methods from a simple letter grade to a complex rubric
  • Open documents in other native iPad apps

If you’re an instructor who uses Canvas, SpeedGrader makes grading a valuable experience again.

Getting Started
  • Download Speedgrader app to mobile device and login with your New Trier username and password.
  • To open a course, tap the full name of the course.
  • New assignment submissions are indicated by a circle with the number of submissions.
  • Open the assignment and then view the submission
  • The student list displays all students for the assignment.
    • Names in black indicate the student has submitted the assignment.
    • Names in gray indicate the student has not yet submitted the assignment.
    • Names with a green check mark indicate the student’s submitted assignment has been graded.
Teaching with SpeedGrader
  • Use the markup tools to annotate the assignments
  • Leave text, voice or video comments
  • Check iOS and app for updates
  • SpeedGrader data is saved to the server so you can delete the app if it crashes
  • Sign out of  SpeedGrader app
    • delete app
    • restart iPad
    • reinstall app
Additional Assistance

The Canvas app lets users use their mobile device to:

  • Stay on top of your to-do items
  • View your course schedule and syllabus
  • Read and participate in course discussions
  • Turn in homework assignments
  • Upload files, videos, and audio recordings
  • Read, create, and reply to inbox messages
  • Study and navigate course pages
  • View grades for your courses and individual assignments
  • View submissions and participate in comment discussions with your instructor
  • Access and participate in Canvas groups
Getting Started

If you are using the Canvas app for the first time:

  1. Open the app
  2. Search for ‘New Trier’ and select it from the drop-down list.
  3. Log-in using your New Trier username (or student ID) and password.
Teaching with the Canvas app

What is Quizlet exactly? We start with flash cards. Students can make their own, or choose from millions of flash cards sets created by others. But that’s just the beginning – once you’ve got flashcards, you can use several study modes including multiple choice tests and study games. You can add images and listen to audio, and even study on the go with one of dozens of Quizlet-compatible mobile apps.

Quizlet makes it easy to create and share study materials, to study with a few friends or an entire class. And Quizlet is good for studying almost any subject, from languages and vocabulary to history to science and the arts.

Getting Started

Nearpod is an all-encompassing presentation and polling application where teachers can create and deliver engaging lessons. The app provides the ability to upload existing presentations as well as create new ones from scratch. Adding interactive features such as question/answer polling, surveys, and drawings are easy and the entire pacing of the presentation is controlled from the teacher’s iPad.