stiltlogoSTiLT, or the Student Technology Leadership Team is a student-led leadership group tasked with supporting fellow students with technology and finding ways of using technology for service-based projects. Whether you are having problems with your iPad, need help with a technology-related project, or just need a place to charge your device, help is available in to Room 377A (off of the 377N computer lab). While student staffing hours sometime vary, we are typically available from 8:00-4 Monday-Friday.

The mission of STiLT is to promote student leadership through the freedom to find and implement solutions and cultivate student voice. The program promotes an in-depth understanding of technology so students feel empowered to think and act creatively to discover and implement solutions within an educational framework. This program is an opportunity to tap into the student voice and discover new ways to better serve our student body and promote a greater educational experience through technology solutions.