Updating the iOS on your iPad

The Technology Department recommends students keep their iPads updated to ensure apps and other New Trier services work optimally. However, it is New Trier’s policy to have students wait until major iOS releases have been vetted by the Technology department before they update. Students will be notified through their student email address that their iPads should be updated. Before any update we recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Backup your iPad – Make sure you have a recent copy of your data backed up to either iCloud or your computer through iTunes.
  2. Download and Install the iOS update -The update can take some time to download and complete.  We recommend you do this at home, not at school.
  3. Update your apps – There may be apps that require an update before they work correctly on a new iOS update. Update them from the App Store as soon as updates are made available to ensure they work correctly.