Instructional Technologies @ NTHS

Teacher have access to premium accounts for using instructional technologies with their students. These technologies may provide valuable support of your learning and teaching objectives. If you are interested in exploring, below you will find an overview of three digital tools as well as a breakdown of features. Your dedicated Instructional Technology Specialist can work with you individually or in a group to provide a detailed demo of these tools, as well as, share some ideas and possible applications for your classrooms.


Nearpod is an all-encompassing presentation and polling application where teachers can create and deliver engaging lessons.  The app provides the ability to upload existing presentations as well as create new ones from scratch.  Adding interactive features such as question/answer polling, surveys, and drawings are easy and the entire pacing of the presentation is controlled from the teacher’s iPad.


Allows teachers to:
  • Create and share interactive content with students: instantly collect and share answers submitted by students thanks to automatic grading.
  • Track students’ comprehension in real time: control pace and maintain student engagement through the “Live” Lesson feature.
Engage students with:
Multimedia Assessment Activities
Slides & Slideshows Open Ended Question
Video Poll
Audio Quiz
Web Share Draw it
Virtual Field Trips Fill in the blanks
PDF Viewer Memory Test
Live Twitter Stream

PearDeck lets you hear from every person in the room through interactive presentations with formative assessments. Create a Pear Deck from Google Drive, invite participants to join on their own devices, watch real-time results come in, share anonymous answers with the whole room, launch discussions, and adapt your instruction to their needs.

Allows teachers to:
  • Create and share interactive content with students:  collect on-the-spot student data to assess comprehension.
  • Harness the seamless integration of Google Drive & automatically grade Decks through Flubaroo (Google extension):  make immediate adjustments to the lesson based on student understanding.
Engage students with:
Deck Features Assessment Activities
Text, images, YouTube video, or list Drag a dot or a line
Ability to “show” students a website Write text or number
Choose an answer
Draw something or draw on a picture

Once you launch your presentation, learners answer on their screens, the answers show up anonymously on the Projector View, and you get detailed results on your Session Dashboard.

With the Session Dashboard open on your computer or a separate tablet, you can see what each learner answered, and control what shows up on the projector.

Resources is a web-based tool that fosters vocabulary skill-building for students – this is an adaptive technology and, therefore, individualizes the vocabulary acquisition and proficiency experience. offers a teacher dashboard allowing careful monitoring of progress.

Allows teachers to:
  • Create customized lists or choose from pre-made lists: create classes and encourage competition and engagement with leaderboards.
  • Assign vocabulary exercises:  monitor student progress via the Teacher Dashboard.
Allows students to:
  • Earn points and and achievements, and level-up as they master words: master words based on their Personalized Learning Program.
  • Gain exposure to different question types about the multiple meanings of each word: receive targeted assistance in areas where identifies that the student is struggling.