Backing up your iPad

In the case that something happens to your iPad, you are switching to a new iPad, or you lose data on your iPad, you may want to backup your data. There are two ways to backup your data:

You can discover the differences between each backup, here. We recommend creating an iCloud backup because it is easy to turn it on, it backs up automatically, and it’s easy to restore your data when problems arise.

“How do I know if I have iCloud backup enabled?”

Step 1: Tap Settings

Settings App New

Step 2: Tap iCloud

Step 3: If Backup is not listed as “On”, tap on it.


Step 4: Turn on iCloud Backup and then tap OK on the warning that pops up.

IMPORTANT: If you turn on iCloud Backup, your iPad will no longer automatically back up to your computer.  Please be sure to choose your backup plan wisely!

Backup 2

Step 5: Tap Back Up Now to start backing up.

“It says I don’t have enough space!”

Step 1: If you don’t have enough iCloud space to complete the iCloud backup, to to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.

Step 2: Tap the iPad listed as This iPad


Step 3: Tap Show All Apps.  Then turn on or off any apps that you would or wouldn’t like to be backed up to iCloud.  Be sure to back up any apps that contain any school work!


That’s it!  You are now using iCloud!  If you prefer to use iCloud and run out of space, tap Buy More Storage to upgrade your iCloud account.

“I want to keep my photos backed up, but I don’t have enough space on iCloud!”

If you don’t have enough on your iCloud storage to backup your photos, but you still want to keep them safe, you can use Google Photos to save your photos automatically. Simply go to the App Store, download Google Photos, and follow the directions here to keep an automatic backup of your photos on your Google account.