Tips for NTHS Families: Is Your Student’s iPad Missing?

Incoming freshman may face some challenges with their iPads this first year at New Trier, especially misplacing them…hopefully temporarily. Here are some tips to be aware of for keeping devices safe:


  • iPads can be easily left behind during the busy school day. Should your student call you in a panic that their iPad was lost or stolen, remind them to go to the User Support area in Room A414 ASAP.  The sooner they report their iPad missing, the quicker we can help recover their device.
  • If FIND MY IPAD was enabled, it can be somewhat effective in pinpointing the iPad’s general location. Students can either use their smartphone or computer and log into with their Apple ID and password. Click on the FIND MY IPHONE icon found on main web page to begin locating your missing iPad. Keep in mind that it does say “IPHONE”, but you use this function to locate your iPad.



  • Since all iPads purchased from the district essentially look exactly the same, it’s a good idea if your student can personalize their iPad case (both pieces – the keyboard and iPad cover) for easy identification. Using stickers is the easiest way to do this, but perhaps students will bring their own creativity.  We also suggest that students consider changing their iPad’s locked screen wallpaper to include identifying information, such as name and Adviser.
  • Students should not update to major versions of iOS without a notification from the Technology department.. Some iOS updates could disrupt access to some of their resources, so it’s best to wait until everything has been tested and given the green light from NTHS technology. Technology staff will email students using their STUDENT email accounts notifying them that they can upgrade their devices.
  • Students should consider backing up images and videos to their NTHS Google drive (unlimited storage!) to free up space on your iPad, if needed. eBooks can take up quite a bit of storage on your device, so be mindful of managing your content. You can always visit the User Support area in Room A414 for guidance.