New Trier iPad Survival Guide

pairing your keyboard
pair the keyboardIf you haven’t already done so, you should make sure that your keyboard is paired up to your iPad. Your keyboard and iPad pair through bluetooth, so it’s important you pair the two at home instead of at school. You can follow the directions found here to pair the two. If your keyboard is not pairing correctly, make sure that it is charged. You can use the black charging cable that came along with your keyboard and your iPad charging brick to charge the device.


finding help

mapAsking for help can be hard– that’s why we offer a number of ways to get answers to your questions.

On Campus: At the Northfield campus you can go to A414 and at Winnetka you can go to room 224.

By Email: You can reach us by email by sending a message to

On the Web: For basic troubleshooting issues, or to understand how to use an app you can use search through our list of digital tools by clicking here.


You may or may not have a class that will use eBooks. Each eBook is a little different so it’s important to know a few things before you download the app, and redeem your eBook code.

  • bookWait for your teacher before you redeem a code or download a book.
  • Some eBook publishers will want you to create a username and password in order to download their eBook. Make sure you write down this information somewhere where you can easily recall it.
  •  Follow the instructions that your teachers provide for the eBook. If you do not have instructions, you can click here and use our eBook search tool to learn how to download your eBook.


Lost Broken Equipment

Things happen– sometimes your iPad flies from your hands and poof! Broken. Or sometimes you forget that you left it in your 3rd period class and you don’t realize it until the end of the day. Below are a couple of scenarios you may encounter if you lose or break your equipment:broken equip

I lost my iPad at school. Is there a way to track it?
My iPad was stolen, how do I get a new one?
I think my family purchased AppleCare+ for my iPad. How do I check?
My iPad is broken and I have AppleCare+. What do I do to get it fixed?
My iPad is broken, and my family did not purchase AppleCare+. What do I do to get it fixed?
My keyboard is broken, how do I get it fixed?


Caring for your equipment


The best way to prevent breaks is to be mindful and care for your iPad. Below are a couple of best policies for making sure that your equipment stays in great condition:

How do I best care for my iPad?
How do I best care for my Zagg Rugged Book Folio keyboard case?





“The use of technology is a privilege, not a right”. Be aware of the rules that you are supposed to follow– click here to see the “Acceptable Use Policies”.






Digital Citizenship

remember copyTo make sure that you are completely ready, here are a few tips we would like to offer so that you’re ready for the coming school year:

Make sure your iPad has enough power for the day. There are limited electrical outlets at school, so before you go to sleep, make sure that you leave your iPad charging.

Remember your passwords, you have more now. By the end of your orientation you will have at least 3 passwords:

  • Your 4-6 digit ‘lock screen’ code that your iPad will ask you for when you turn the screen on.
  • Your Apple ID password that you will use when purchasing or downloading free apps from the app store.
  • Your New Trier password used when you want to check your email, use Google Docs, login to Canvas, or try to use a computer on campus.

If you know you’ll have trouble remembering these passwords, try writing them somewhere secure, where you can quickly find them in case you forget.

Do you know how to download apps from Self Service? Depending on the class, you may be asked to download an app from Self Service. If you do not remember how to download an app from Self Service, you can click here and follow the guide.

Sharing Google docs to your peers and teachers is easy if you know how. Sharing a Google Doc is simple, but in order to share between teachers or other students at New Trier, you have to be aware of what format their username is in. Click here to refresh your memory.