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Qrafter (pronounced “crafter”) is a QR code reader and creator. It can be used to quickly connect real-world objects to online content. Applications for this tool include easy access to websites and scavenger hunts. Qrafter makes it easy for teachers to create QR codes or for students to add QR codes to their projects.

Getting Started

Qrafter is an app for the iPad that can be used to scan QR Codes. QR codes are basically visual representations of a website or something else online that can be accessed through a QR scanner on a smartphone or tablet device. For a better understanding of QR Codes, click here

Download the app from iTunes here

Teaching with Qrafter
For ideas on how to use QR codes in your classroom, visit Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
Student Resources
Troubleshooting is listed at the bottom of the page.
To get ideas about how to use Qrafter or get updated news about the app, follow its twitter feed @Qrafter.